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 Date  Team  Acquired  Relinquished  Notes
1973-04-25 Stars (ABA) • Bruce Seals first round pick in undergraduate draft (#8 overall)
1973-10-01 Stars (ABA) • Bruce Seals signed first round pick in undergraduate draft
1974-11-27 Stars (ABA) • Bruce Seals waived
1975-05-29 Sonics • Bruce Seals 1975 NBA draft second round pick (#21 overall)
1975-06-01 Stars (ABA) • Bruce Seals waived (date approximate)
1975-07-31 Stars (ABA) • Bruce Seals signed free agent
1975-08-19 Sonics • Bruce Seals signed second round pick to a 2-year contract
1977-08-23 Sonics • Bruce Seals re-signed to a 1-year contract
1978-06-30 Sonics • Bruce Seals player became a free agent (date approximate)