Special thanks to Patrick Farrell and Jamie McCallum, who I met through the APBR discussion boards and who were instrumental in collaborating with me in getting this project started and providing much of the early basketball transaction data. Although I have never met either of them in person, I have enjoyed tremendously the interaction (via e-mail) with them both.

Also, thanks to...

... Robert Bradley and Pete Palmer who were kind enough to share basketball transaction data they had previously compiled

... Larry Coon for contributions to the basketball area

... Chris Greene for his help and suggestions for improving the searching of transactions on the site

... "Coach" Jim Funk for pointing out numerous missing basketball transactions and significant contributions to baseball transactions

... Chip McCleary for significant contributions in hockey transactions

... Paul O'Kane for corrections in 1984 NBA draft-day trades, 1992 NFL draft-day trades, and 1972 NHL draft trades.

... Michel Leduc for contributions to traded picks from NHL drafts

... Kevin Saldana for research on basketball franchise movement

... Greg Paul for significant contributions to Phoenix Coyotes draft pick trades

... Aaron Ploessl for significant contributions to football draft pick trades

... Ed Rizzo for updates on Philadelphia Eagles 2008 draft pick transactions

... Tony Phillips for additions to the 1968 NFL draft page

... Jeremy Abramson for contributions to 2000 NBA traded draft picks

... Steven Hurst for contributions to 2008 Kansas City Chiefs traded draft picks

... Matt Rothenberg for contributions to hockey traded draft picks

... Andre Delsol for corrections and contributions to 1998-2000 hockey traded draft picks

... John Grasso for corrections and contributions to basketball transactions

... Paul Harcourt for pointing out errors in basketball transactions

... Dan Krupa for clarification of 2008 NHL traded draft picks

... James Carns for Pittsburgh Penguins transactions

... Jean-François Martin for pointing out errors in hockey transactions

... Gabe Farkas for contributions to basketball transactions

... Rich Levine for pointing out missing baseball transactions

... Tom Kowpak for pointing out errors in 2009 NHL draft traded picks

... Dave Bradbury for contributions to 1960's and 1970's NFL draft traded picks

... Jim Kelly for significant contributions to football transactions

... Lee Stanley for contributions to baseball transactions

... Bryan Hall for pointing out errors in the 1992 NFL draft and other NFL errors

... Ben Haley for contributions to traded NFL draft picks

... Matt Reitz for clarification on 2010 NHL traded draft picks

... Leland Coxe for contributions to NFL transactions

... Ray LeBov for corrections to NBA draft picks

... Tom Hefner for contributions to USFL draft picks

... John Puglisi for contributions to numerous NFL transactions

... Chris Creamer for his fantastic sports logo site

... Fred Goodwin for contributions and corrections to various NFL transactions

... Paul Shallenberger for contributions to hockey transactions

... Cory Andrews for corrections and contributions to basketball and football transactions

... David Guidera for contributions and corrections to various NFL transactions


Frank Marousek